4 Key Takeaways From The Surrender Experiment

Micheal A Singer takes the reader on a wild ride throughout his life to get to the heart of what spirituality means to him, so he can enlighten others. He side steps the spirituality one upmanship, the cacophony of differing opinions on how to live a meaningful life by sharing insights from his own journey. Readers are taken on a wild ride through his time as a solo truth seeker, successful computer program engineer and humanitarian to learn how to trust their own inner process that will take them to a place of lasting satisfaction.

My key Takeaways from “The Surrender Experiment" by Michael A. Singer

Takeaway #1 Let Go & Be Amazed

When you let go of how you think your life should be, amazing things start to happen. That's right, everyone who told you that you need a plan to succeed in life was wrong, you just need to set intentions instead! Even if you don't realise the greatness of the events that are unfolding right at that time, you'll look back and realise everything that happened at the right time and for the right reason. Life can suddenly become easy with the right people showing up, the right projects, the right property and so much more – The universe knows what you need much better than your ego does!

Takeaway #2 Surrendering Is Not a Sign of Weakness

When you surrender your life to the unknown you're being strong rather than weak, it's not easy to let go of your ego and let yourself go with the flow of energy and allow life to unfold naturally without you pushing it, forcing it, and making it go in different directions.

Takeaway #3 Listen

Slow down and listen so that you can hear what is being offered to you. Through meditation, you can slow your mind and body down enough to connect with your inner self and hear the guidance that offers up creative solutions. This is something that we simply cannot do in the fast-paced modern world that we live in with people and technology always stealing our attention. You might have some crazy ideas once you start connecting with yourself but this is your calling, surrender, and make those ideas a reality because this is your path in life and you cannot go wrong when you listen and trust your gut feeling.

Takeaway #4 Be Grateful

Start a gratitude journal and write in it daily. Be grateful for the people that come into your life, be grateful for the lessons you're learning, be grateful for the things you take for granted. Being grateful is another way to connect you with source. Make sure that the people around you know how grateful you are for them and what they do in your life or business, the more people feel appreciated, the greater they'll work with you / for you.



On average, 90% of what we read is forgotten within the first hours after reading... Which is why it’s so important to apply what you read.

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The Surrender Experiment Chapters

Chapter One - Waking Up
Chapter Two - The Great Experiment Begins
Chapter Three - From Solitude to Sevice
Chapter Four - The Business Surrender
Chapter Five - Something Priceless is Born
Chapter Six - The Forces of Natural Growth
Chapter Seven - When Dark Clouds Become Rainbows
Chapter Eight - Embracing Explosive Expansion
Chapter Nine - Total Surrender


Best Quotes from The Surrender Experiment

“My formula for success was very simple: Do whatever is put in front of you with all your heart and soul without regard for personal results. Do the work as though it were given to you by the universe itself - because it was.”

“Am I better off making up an alternate reality in my mind and then fighting with reality to make it be my way, or am I better off letting go of what I want and serving the same forces of reality that managed to create the entire perfection of the universe around me?”

“I am so grateful that surrender had taught me to willingly participate in life's dance with a quiet mind and an open heart.”

“Each of us actually believes that things should be the way we want them, instead of being the natural result of all the forces of creation.”

“How could I possibly explain the great freedom that comes from realizing to the depth of your being that life knows what it's doing?”

“No matter who we are, life is going to put us through the changes we need to go through. The question is: Are we willing to use this force for our transformation? I saw that even very intense situations don't have to leave psychological scars, if we are willing to process our changes at a deeper level.”

“Accept the purification power of life's flow.”

“Just kept letting go and practicing nonresistance, whether I liked what was happening or not.”

“A great spiritual teacher once said, “Every day bite off more than you can chew, and chew it.” Life”

“No matter who we are, life is going to put us through the changes we need to go through. The question is: Are we willing to use this force for our transformation? I saw that even very intense situations don’t have to leave psychological scars, if we are willing to process our changes at a deeper level.”

“Clearly remember deciding that from now on if life was unfolding in a certain way, and the only reason I was resisting it was because of a personal preference, I would let go of my preference and let life be in charge.”

“Done properly, yoga is the science of channeling all energies upward until they merge together at the highest point"—Oneness.

― Michael A. Singer - The Surrender Experiment


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