The Power of No: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

This practical guide helps you take back your power and say a powerful “No”: To anything that is hurting you. To standards that no longer serve you. To people who drain you of your creativity and expression. To beliefs that are not true to the real you. When you finish reading this book, you will […]

The Wisdom Of Insecurity: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

This book is an exploration of our quest for psychological security and spiritual certainty. In this book, Alan Watts, shows that the highest happiness, the supreme spiritual insight, and certitude are found only in our awareness that impermanence and insecurity are inescapable and inseparable from life. Money can buy lots of things, but it can’t […]

The Joy of Less: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

The Joy of Less is a lighthearted guide to minimalist living. It provides an inspirational pep talk on the joys and rewards of paring down and presents the “STREAMLINE method”: ten easy steps to rid your house of clutter. We live in a materialistic society ravaged by overconsumption and overproduction. Most of us own more […]

The Book Of Joy: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

The Book of Joy is a book by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Both of the authors faced oppression and exile and yet have been able to maintain their compassion and forgiveness despite this. In this book, the authors discuss the challenges of living a […]

The Art of Asking: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

The Art of Asking is a memoir by American musician Amanda Palmer. It covers Palmer’s early days as a performer through to her musical career then. Essentially, because she had learned how to ask, she was able to go to the world to ask for the money to make a new album and tour with […]


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