Getting Real: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

In Getting Real, Jason Fried shares his insights about creating successful businesses by cutting out unnecessary details and getting straight into what’s important. Key Takeaways from A Return to Love Takeaway #1. Build your business to speak to the demographic you know best. Instead of trying to mimic successful companies, do the opposite and under-do […]

Choose Yourself: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

The book Choose Yourself illuminates your personal path to building a bright, new world out of the wreckage of the old. More and more opportunities are rising out of the ashes of the broken system to generate real inward success (personal happiness and health) and outward success (fulfilling work and wealth). Key Takeaways from Choose […]

Conscious: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

In this book, Annaka Harris guides us through the evolving definitions, philosophies, and scientific findings that probe our limited understanding of consciousness. Where does it reside, and what gives rise to it? Could it be an illusion, or a universal property of all matter? Key Takeaways from Conscious Takeaway #1: Consciousness is a trait we […]

Radical Acceptance: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

This book offers a path to true freedom. Radical Acceptance does not mean self-indulgence or passivity. Instead, it empowers genuine change: healing fear and shame and helping to build loving, authentic relationships with ourselves and others. Tara Brach, the author, brings her teachings alive through personal stories and case histories, fresh interpretations of Buddhist tales, […]

As a Man Thinketh: Takeaways and Key Points Book Summary

As a Man Thinketh is a self-help book by James Allen, published in 1903. The book shows how, in his own thought-world, each man holds the key to every condition, good or bad, that enters into his life, and that, by working patiently and intelligently upon his thoughts, he may remake his life, and transform […]


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