Why Unrealistic goals are easier than realistic ones?

“…having an usually  large goal is an andrenaline infusion that provides the endurance to overcome the inevitable trial that goes with any goal…” (Thimothy Ferriss) my life experiences supports the above. When I tried to train for a mini triathlon I found myself literally dragging my feet to the gym with no energy. I missed […]

Goal settings & happiness

 The process is more important than the goal, meaning no attachment to the goal.  if you get attached to a goal, you can create high expectations from yourself. Expectations, which if are not met, will most probably trigger unhappiness feelings. I’ve never been unhappy because I didn’t reach my goal…. But I was unhappy when I […]

Financial freedom challenge

This is my bank statement from today. A total debit of $33,598. Below Zero indeed, and may I say frustrating. My 2008 goal is to CLEAR HALF of MY PERSONAL DEBT Before the end of 2008. My Second 2008 goal is to have a stream of DAILY AND PASSIVE income of $50 Before the end […]

Doing the unrealistic is easier than doing the realistic

It is true. It is for me. Half a year ago I set the ultimate one day endurance challenge: Become an Ironman in 5 months training. Back then I was below Zero in terms of physical parameters. Smoking, drinking and parting were part of my daily habits. On 1st of March 2008, I have completed […]

L.A & Las Vegas trip

I just got back from a business trip in L.V and L.A straight to Melbourne racing carnival season. For those who do not live Down Under, Spring Carnival is not really about the horses, but more about the dresses, champagne and after parties. The culmination of carnival is the Melbourne Cup (2 weeks time, a […]


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