The Depth of Our Want

Sometimes it feels like life is testing us. Do we want what we want badly enough? A quick story from last week: Cars were never my thing, but one car has always caught my attention – The BMW Mini. So when my trip to Spain was finalized, I took the opportunity and reserved a Mini […]

Living to the Fullest – Interview with Author Thomas Frank

If anyone were to pick up Thomas Frank’s “resume”, they could easily think that he has lived a full life and is heading toward retirement. With a list of accomplishments that includes being published in USA Today, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for wining over $15,000 in merit-based scholarships, hired by Adobe to cover […]

7 years, 75 countries – Interview with Audrey Scott

Have you ever asked yourself “what if?” After reading Audrey Scott’s story, you will reassess the hesitations in your life and start considering your true calling—that thing that has been eagerly waving at you from the back seat all along. When Audrey submitted her resignation in 2006 to embark on a creative sabbatical to travel […]

The art of waiting

We often get the advice that in life we need to say more ‘yeses’ than ‘no’s’. But, sometimes a No is a better YES. Because every No is, in effect, a Yes to something else. So how do we decide? My rule: If it’s not HELL YES, it’s NOT YET. That is, I practice the […]


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