When MORE gives LESS.

These days, it seems that almost everyone is searching for something MORE. More peace, more love, more abundance, more happiness, more freedom, more enlightenment… But here’s something I’ve recently realized: Chasing for MORE already assumes scarcity. Even worse, it reinforces scarcity. Not only that, paradoxically, the chase for MORE only takes us further away from […]

Don’t take creativity too seriously

I often get asked how I stay creative. The answer is, I don’t “stay creative”. Creativity is not something I can force. What I do is quite simple, I prioritize time with myself and then I get out of my own way. That’s it. Even though what I do sounds quite simple, it’s not always […]

Heart Above Head

I first heard the phrase “heart above head” in a random yoga class. The young teacher highlighted that some Yoga postures are designed not only to stretch and relax muscles but also to place our hearts above our heads. Examples include: The famous Downward-Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, and my favorite posture these days: inversions. The […]

Embracing our uniqueness equals inner peace

I fly a lot. In the past, I flew for travel sake. Now, I fly to ‘where growth is’, which is not always the most conventional or comfortable place to be. Sometimes I wonder how come I’m doing this. How come I’m so committed to my growth that I choose uncomfortableness. Deep down, however, I […]

Joy First. Goals Second.

how much time do you allocate for fun and celebration? In the past, I may have prioritized things differently but nowadays I put my joy and feeling good first. Goals and everything else come second. Putting goals second might sound strange coming from a guy who made it his life’s mission to pursue every big […]


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